Classroom Coaching Tool

Classroom Coaching Tool

 Data-driven conversations to boost teacher confidence and competence in classroom management and behavior interventions.

Most teachers struggle with behavior supports in their classroom

Nearly 50% of teachers leave the profession within five years, citing behavior and discipline as major reasons for leaving. However, quality professional development and mentoring can keep teachers in the classroom and hone their skills. Our classroom coaching tool helps you better support these teachers through a collaborative process that helps them drive their learning and gain the knowledge & skills they need for success.

Classroom Coaching Made Easy.

knowing how to coach behavior supports can be daunting! Many administrators & Instructional coaches feel overwhelmed due to...

Limited Behavior Knowledge

Even skilled instructional coaches & administrators may not feel confident coaching social-emotional or behavioral components of an effective classroom.

Lack of quantitative data

Although you know things aren't working, you might not know how to communicate that to the teacher you're supporting.

unclear next

Things may come naturally to you in your own classroom, but communicating with someone else how to do what you do can be difficult.

The Emergent Tree Classroom Coaching Tool guides your coaching each step of the way.

Evidence-based quantitative data measures are combined with structured qualitative information to provide a robust and comprehensive tool to support instructional coaches, campus administrators, behavior specialists, and teacher mentors in supporting teacher growth. Our tool makes it easy to collect the right measures and start coaching conversations whether you’re an expert or new to behavior.

Introducing the
Classroom Coaching Tool

Boosting teaching confidence and competence through data–informed coaching conversations.

we help you easily...

Classroom Coaching Tool

analyze the use of instructional time

Capture time spent across various instructional settings and transitions then triangulate with other data sets.

quantify Student Engagement

Using a momentary time sample, determine percentage of engagement across a variety of variables.

explore classroom interactions

Compare interactions across teachers & students to determine interaction with the content.

monitor student feedback

Measure the frequency, explicitness and connectedness of acknowledgments and corrections.

review management strategies

Review teacher use of attention signals, setting expectations and other classroom strategies.

share data & create an action plan

Create and email reports & plans prior to or during coaching conversations.

Empower teachers through data-based classroom coaching


Classroom Coaching Tool

Capture Observations Notes and DAta

Capture specific examples during your observations to refer back to during your coaching conversations. Categorize notes across various components. 

Classroom Coaching Tool Reports

Facilitate Coaching Conversations

Graphs and reports help facilitate coaching conversations in real time. Continually edit the final action during the observation period and throughout your coaching conversations to ensure a collaborative and effective action plan.

Behavior Data Meeting

Provide progress updates

Conduct multiple observations in a single session or across multiple sessions to help teachers see their progress on various skills. Use reports to track teacher improvement and goal attainment across time.


Yes – you can observe different teachers across different observations. Single teachers can be observed multiple time. With the campus license, you can view your own observations and the observations of others, depending on your user access levels. 

The classroom coaching tool is a progressive web app, designed to work on a phone, tablet or computer.  ON mobile devices, the tool will flex to fit the available screener and touch controls will be enabled. 

The classroom coaching tool is designed as a coaching tool, facilitation data-driven goal setting and providing progress monitoring.  Depending on your campus/district evaluative process, the classroom coaching tool may provide helpful data, but is not designed explicitly for that purpose.

Only users assigned to a particular teacher record can see the data that is collected. But, data reports and coaching action plans can be email directly from the software in PDF format to teachers or other stakeholders at anytime.

What others have to say...

"I used to take all this data by hand, trying to graph in spreadsheets if at all. That Classroom Coaching Tool makes my observations so much easier and eliminates my work on the back end to prepare a report."
Assistant Principal
"The Classroom Coaching Tool has shifted my coaching for me giving advice to me supporting teachers in their own self-reflection. By reviewing the report together, I can help teacher's set their own goals!"
Behavior Specialist
"Although I am very strong instructionally, I never quite felt confident in coaching teachers in the behavioral components. This tool makes me feel confident about my conversations with teachers and points me to where to help them focus first."
Instructional Coach

support teacher growth & boost retention rates

Get the Classroom Coaching Tool and start gaining insight to teachers' support needs today!

support teacher growth & boost retention rates

Get the Classroom Coaching Tool and start gaining insight to teachers' support needs today!

Individual License

$ 125 per year
  • Use with up to 5 teachers
  • Save, print & email reports
  • Access to all data collection tools
  • Action plan facilitation

Campus License

$ 525 per year
  • All individual license features
  • Unlimited teacher records
  • Unlimited user log-ins on campus
  • User management controls
  • View reports across multiple users

District License

Custom Contact us for a quote
  • All campus license features
  • Viewing across multiple campuses
  • Custom onboarding and training
  • Direct line tech support
  • Priority input on new features

Custom pricing for district-wide or multi-campus useage. Additional features apply across campuses.

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