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Ground Work: Tier 1 Universal Systems

Ground Work, our Tier 1 Behavior Support Framework, provides a proven, step-by-step system that creates a positive school culture and ensures every student is on track to succeed.

Schools without well-developed Tier 1 Behavior Systems often have challenging, disruptive environments that negatively impact the education of all students and lead to high teacher turnover.

What if your school could overcome these challenges and provide a positive learning environment for all students? 

Our Tier One Systems Framework is Designed to


Deepen Knowledge of
Behavior Science

Create buy-in and foster an evidence-based approach for social, emotional, and behavior supports.

Align Practices Across
the District

Improve onboarding of new staff, support early career teachers and retain veteran teachers.


Facilitate Data-Informed

Reduce discipline removals and classroom disruptions to increase instructional time.

An Overview of the Implementation Process

To facilitate long-term change, our initial implementation process occurs over a full year. Our Tier 1 Behavior Support Implementation Program provides a proven, step-by-step system that creates a positive school culture and ensures every student is on track to succeed. Here’s an overview of the implementation process: 


Planning & Consensus


District leadership will work with an expert Emergent Tree coach to create a custom implementation plan utilizing our proven framework.

Early conversations focus on the purpose & components of our framework for Tier 1, identifying barriers and enablers, and clarifying roles.


Introductory Training


Campus teams meet to learn the Tier 1 Framework. During this training, teams will create campus-specific processes & operating procedures.

All campus staff will get an overview of Tier 1 systems using the Emergent Tree Online Virtual Learning Academy prior to the beginning of the year.


Personalized Coaching Support


Campus teams receive scheduled, ongoing support from an Emergent Tree coach. During coaching sessions, teams assess progress using the Emergent Tree Tier 1 Quality Indicators.

Campus and Emergent Tree staff collaborate to determine small sets of action items for each campus team.


Follow-Up Training & Support


A mid-year training session focuses on team development. Teams collaborate to problem-solve barriers and update campus operating procedures.

We will also connect with your technology team to load information into the Universal Behavior Screener software to prepare for end-of-year screening.


Yearly Program Review


Emergent Tree conducts a comprehensive evaluation of implementation across the components of our Tier 1 framework.

You'll receive reports of implementation levels, highlights of strengths, and suggested actions for campus improvement planning that will carry over into the next school year.

Create Systems That Reflect Your Unique Needs

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to behavior systems. When you partner with Emergent Tree, you’ll work hand-in-hand with one of our expert coaches. We spend time getting to know your schools so we can effectively partner to develop strong, sustainable Tier 1 behavior supports. Using our flexible Ground Work framework, we’ll guide you each step of the way to align the practices that form the foundation of your campus or district behavior systems. 

Dedicated Expert Coach

Dedicated Expert Coach

Our frameworks connect you with a dedicated coach committed to getting to know your campus and its unique needs. Centered around the Ground Work quality indicators, these meetings are designed to help your team monitor implementation & create an action plan for next steps.

Collaborative Network

Collaborative Network

Emergent Tree provides ongoing opportunities to collaborate with other campuses and districts implementing Emergent Tree Frameworks through our collaborative network. Share ideas, problem-solve common barriers, and celebrate success with other educators on the same journey!

Resource Library Access

Resource Library Access

Get instant access to our growing resource library. This includes online courses and mini-courses, on-demand video demonstrations, social skills slide decks, webinars, and more. Our resource library also includes a download of all our forms, templates, and data tools to use throughout your campus or district.

Universal Screener for Behavior

Universal Screener for Behavior

Access to our behavior screening software to help you take a proactive approach to conversations around behavior and social-emotional learning needs on your campus(es). We'll even partner with your district technology department to streamline the process.

Results & Partnerships

We’ve partnered with hundreds of schools in the United States to deliver amazing results through our Ground Work framework. We’re committed to helping your campus or district build sustainable systems to support the social, emotional, and behavior needs of students and staff. But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our partner campuses and districts have said about our work:

It has been a pleasure working with Emergent Tree over this past year. They have helped our district with system-wide behavioral supports through the Tier 1 Ground Work Framework. The knowledge, flexibility, and personalized support have been valuable assets to our teachers and staff, positively impacting the Liberty Hill ISD students!

Emergent Tree and the Tier I Ground Work Framework have helped Edcouch-Elsa ISD create an equitable Tier I behavior support system grounded in core values that our students will experience in PK3-12th grade. It has provided our teachers with the tools to support all students in setting clear expectations, building relationships, and reinforcing desired behaviors. With a district rollout starting in January, we were curious about the level of implementation that would be seen. However, due to our experience with coaching provided by Emergent Tree, our campuses were able to successfully and quickly implement the framework for all students to begin acquiring the benefits of the program.
As a result of our work with Emergent Tree Education, we have experienced increased instructional time, increased positive behavior of students who struggle, and more staff buy-in and campus consistency with school-wide expectations.  All campuses and districts need this type of system.
Susan Cole, Executive Director of Teaching & Learning, Liberty Hill ISD
Dr. Marisol Rocha, Assistant Superintendent, Edcouch Elsa ISD
Kathy Cawthron, Principal, Round Rock ISD

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