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Virtual Learning Academy

The Emergent Tree Virtual Learning Academy helps school staff develop an instructional approach to behavior and grow a better world from the ground up.

Build Stronger Behavior Skills in the Classroom

Certificate Courses

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  • Self-paced modules for asynchronous learning
  • Enhanced learning through video, interactive activities, and downloadable resources
  • Certificate received for continuing education hours upon completion
  • Course length varies from one to six hours

Free Webinars

Online Courses
  • Pre-recorded learning sessions
  • Engage with a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral topics
  • All webinars are free for viewing
  • Certificates are not provided for recorded webinars
  • Webinar length varies from 45 to 90 minutes

Access the full library below and use the Learning Path filter to navigate.

Words From Those Who Have Taken Our Courses

During the Check In - Check Out Online Course, I learned how to make better connections with students at the beginning of the day and the goals we need to set for every student. As for the checkout, the process, and how to reflect on their day.

The Behavior in Schools Online Course is a wonderful training; this helped me to understand the instructional approach better.

The Feedback with Daily Behavior Report Card Online Training made me understand how to effectively give feedback to the student.
This training [Behavior & Equity Webinar] was amazing. I learned so many things and have been sharing them with my family, who are also educators. Thank you so very much!
I think the ideas [in Behavior and Mental Health Webinar] on how to handle mental health situations within the school setting is very helpful for non-trained people such as myself (teacher). Being able to look for the daily signs of mental health stress within children is also very helpful.
Teachers are so busy, always planning and modifying plans, that adding anything extra can be super stressful. In the Exploring Behavior and Social Emotional Learning Webinar, I found that it was most helpful to learn how to incorporate SEL into my daily routines instead of treating it like a separate task. I teach special needs students, and after watching this webinar, I am more confident about including SEL in my daily practices. Just like anything else, it can be modified to suit the needs of the individual students.
Enda Cazaros, Educational Assistant, Round Rock ISD
Ashley Humphrey, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Aledo ISD
Nathan Mallet, Math & Tech Apps Teacher, Alamo Heights ISD
Rashida Madyun, 2nd grade ELA Teacher, Urban Pathways K5 College Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA
Bobbi Harris, Teacher, Dover-Eyota Public Schools, Eyota, MN
Natalia Anderson, Structured Learning Environment Teacher, Leander ISD