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We offer a variety of training opportunities both virtual and in-person to support you.
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Words From Those We've Worked With

Emergent Tree has built capacity by training teachers and teaching assistants on an instructional approach to behavior. We know the tools from Emergent Tree are working when we start to see referrals go down - we see teachers and campuses address behavior needs independently because they feel knowledgeable and empowered. At RRISD, we can onboard new staff quickly with the resources Emergent Tree has provided - they are high-quality materials.

By partnering with Emergent Tree, it has afforded us the opportunity to create strategic Tier 1, 2, & 3 behavior systems that are aligned district-wide. This helps us have consistent language, expectations, and supports for behavior at all levels of our school district. As students move from grade level to grade level or school to school, they are already familiar with the behavior expectations. This helps set all students up for success!

Jackie Hartle, Area Director of Special Education, Round Rock ISD
Dr. Shannon Fuller, East Central ISD