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Bridging the gap between theory and classroom execution

Education solutions only work when they’re easily used, easily integrated and easily implemented. Our comprehensive framework for behavioral support achieves those goals while giving educators the flexibility they need to adapt to every student’s and classroom’s needs.

An Instructional Approach

We integrate an instructional approach to behavior in everything we do.


How can we support you?

Online CoursesVirtual Academy

The Emergent Tree Virtual Learning Academy helps school staff develop an instructional approach to behavior and grow a better world from the ground up.

  Certificate Courses
  Recorded Webinars

Software ToolsSoftware Tools

Digital tools to give teachers just-in-time support, remote coaching, and behavioral data tracking to inform behavior strategy and decision-making.

  Universal Behavior Screener
  Classroom Coaching Tool
  Behavior Progress Monitor

System FrameworksMulti-Tiered Frameworks

Strong, sustainable support for social-emotional learning requires a flexible framework that creates alignment of practices across campuses.

  Tier 1: Ground Work
  Tier 2: Bridges
  Tier 3: Solid Roots

Classroom Coaching ToolOn-Site Coaching

Walking alongside you with customized implementation & coaching for your team to develop a program that meets your needs.

  Multi-Tiered Behavior Program Review
  District-Wide Vision & Stakeholder Alignment

Are you ready to elevate how you support your students?

Begin to improve your insight to student, teacher and campus needs now!

Words From Those We've Worked With

As a result of Emergent Tree support and services, we have experienced greater consistency and alignment across our campuses. Emergent Tree has supported us in shifting our lens, changing our practices, and redefining how we see and address student behavior. The team of professionals at Emergent Tree truly cares about kids and educators!

As a result of our work with Emergent Tree Education, we have experienced, increased instructional time, increased positive behaviors of students who struggle and more staff buy-in and campus consistency with school-wide expectations. All campuses and districts need this type of system!
In working with ETE, we have benefitted from the high level of behavioral and education knowledge they have brought to the district. Beyond ETE's content knowledge, we have been impressed with their attentiveness to the individual needs of our district, professionalism with our staff and other stakeholders, and their willingness to go above and beyond the dictates of our contract to make sure we feel supported and successful in our implementation. 
I'd describe the support provided by Emergent Tree staff as phenomenal because it is customized to meet our needs. They truly meet us where we are without judgment. Every Emergent Tree staff member has been helpful, resourceful, and patient. We truly value this partnership.
Jessica Beecher, Behavior Specialist @ Hutto ISD
Kathy Cawthron, Principal @ Round Rock ISD
Roland Toscano, Superintendent @ East Central ISD
Dr. Rachelle Warren, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services & Support, Waco ISD