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On-Site Coaching

Walking alongside you with customized implementation & coaching for your team to develop a program that meets your needs.

Classroom or Campus Coaching

Personalized coaching provides a dedicated Emergent Tree expert that is committed to getting to know your classroom or campuses and its unique needs. Emergent Tree staff will observe, collect data and partner in action planning around next steps for more efficient and effect behavior supports, including a written summary of the coaching conversation with actionable next steps.

Multi-Tiered Behavior Program Review

It is imperative to collect data related to the fidelity of implementation to monitor and measure the health of the system. The Behavior Systems Program Review process provides an evaluation of the fidelity of behavior systems. The result of the review is a clear road map to guide continuous improvement.

Multi-Tiered Review


District-Wide Vision & Stakeholder Alignment

Guide a team of stakeholders from the district to investigate and plan alignment of multi-tiered systems for behavior support. Whether a district lacks systems for social, emotional and behavioral support or systems exist but are spread across several departments and staff, this process will align SEL and behavior practices across your district, improve efficiency across staff and boost collaboration between departments.

Stakeholder Alignment


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Begin to improve your insight to student, teacher and campus needs now!

Words From Those We've Worked With
Emergent Tree has been a game changer for Harlandale ISD regarding establishing solid foundational structures and systems in place to begin our path to exemplary campuses. Behavior has been a priority at our campuses, and now we have a road map, training, and resources to reach our goals. With easy-to-implement action steps, tools to identify the current status of the campuses, and ongoing campus visits for continuous support, we are on the right track!
It has been a great pleasure working with Christina Patrin and Michelle Kelley in Hays CISD! We have had an exceptional coaching experience in our first year of implementing Tier 1 and 2 behavior systems at 15 Elementary campuses! Christina and Michelle have built an excellent rapport with our Hays CISD team in a short time!
We have increased Tier 1 from 79.4% to 82.3% within our first semester of implementation! Christina and Michelle are efficient in the delivery of services to our district and follow up with campus and district data and summary reports. Our campus administrators are building capacity within their staff by sharing this data with their staff and allowing teachers to train other teachers on systems they are implementing in their classrooms. In a short time, we have seen discipline referral rates decrease!
The Program Review also addresses Tier 1 classroom management. For the past two years, my team has provided MTSS for New Hire training. The primary focus of the New Hire training focuses on classroom management. We utilize the Program Review to identify trends and patterns across the district so we can use that data to revamp or enhance our New Hire training. By doing this, we have seen positive results from providing this training to our new hires, who apply the strategies into their daily routines.
Because of the superb coaching, our administrative team has been able to articulate our current reality with behavior and show how we are growing and improving our behavioral systems and processes. Christina and Michelle are readily available whenever needed, and we appreciate them so much!
The coaching element of Emergent Tree provides accountability and ongoing growth. It motivates campuses to keep working towards goals and growing their systems. The most beautiful thing is when you go into a campus staffing meeting about behavior, and teachers are talking about the things they have tried and reviewing their data instead of focusing on the bad behaviors that are occurring. Since working with Emergent Tree, the conversation has been drastically different.
Due to our long-standing partnership and the Program Review historical data, we are able to utilize it for progress monitoring purposes. Much of the data helps us to develop our Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) and our District Improvement Plan (DIP) goals. Additionally, we can refer back to the data to show how far we have come and to celebrate our progress, especially when it seems as though behavior has increased or escalated. Many times we find that not to be true based on the data components included in the Program Review.
Ronnie Cantu, Academic Curriculum Director, Harlandale ISD
LaShun Gaines, Coordinator Early Intervention, Hays CISD
LaShun Gaines, Coordinator Early Intervention, Hays CISD
Laura Baker, Director Student Services, Bastrop ISD
LaShun Gaines, Coordinator Early Intervention, Hays CISD
Jennifer Ramirez, Executive Director of Special Programs, Belton ISD
Laura Baker, Director Student Services, Bastrop ISD