Transforming classrooms into thriving communities with Social-Emotional-Behavioral intelligence

We’re growing a better world from the ground up with instructional approaches to behavior and technology designed by teachers for teachers.

Social-Emotional-Behavioral Solutions for the Entire Education Ecosystem

Supporting teachers and classrooms

Teachers are the lifeblood of every learning environment. They should be treated that way. With in-person trainings, on-demand coaching and easy-to-use software that empowers them to build customized behavior strategies for every student, we’re building a more efficient and effective learning environment for every teacher in every classroom.

Supporting principals and schools

Transform every classroom into a modern, data-driven center of educational excellence using actionable behavioral strategies. By translating behavior management into behavior instruction, principals can better align their teams, enable autonomy and empower teachers to do what they do best: Teach.

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Supporting administrators and districts

Achieve district-wide alignment and eliminate the barriers to sustainable social-emotional-behavioral support. With district-wide program reviews and systems evaluations, we’ll help build and maintain comprehensive behavioral instruction strategies that can be applied across entire districts.

Our Solutions

Step-by-step guidance on comprehensive implementation to Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for behavior. Our frameworks include all the training, coaching and resources needed for effective social emotional learning, targeting interventions and individualized behavior planning.

Engaging and interactive instruction on social, emotional and behavioral topics. Can be done at your own pace and in your own space. Our courses provide various levels of support, from independent learning to fully facilitated support.

Data-informed decisions are critical for reliably effective interventions for kids. Identifying students, measuring skill progress and determining intervention fidelity are necessary tools for success. Our software gets the behavioral data you need at your fingertips.

Knowing what you have and what you need are the first steps to building an effective system. Aligning all stakeholders under a common goal with shared understandings is the path to sustainability. Our district-wide program review and stakeholder facilitation allows you to build then maintain systems that work.


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