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Solid Roots: A Framework for Tier 3 Behavior Interventions

Implement a systemic approach to Tier 3 behavior interventions using the Solid Roots framework.  This training is aimed at behavior specialists, special education teachers, paraprofessionals, school psychologists and administrators who support with behavior interventions for special education students on their campus or district.

The Heart of Behavior: A Framework for Effective FBAs and BIPs

Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Planning can be daunting without a clearly articulated process.  Aligning practices across campuses can improve the quality of intervention for students. Emergent Tree’s The Heart of Behavior will guide participants step-by-step through an effective process for conducting FBAs and writing quality BIPs.  THIS IS A TWO DAY TRAINING.

Exploring Behavior & Restorative Practices

In this webinar we will explore how restorative practices help create strong relationships within the school community and enhance multi-tiered systems of support for behavior. Restorative practices build empathy while emphasizing instruction to repair harm and address problems. Rather than relying on exclusionary responses, restorative practices engage students as active participants in problem solving and …

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Exploring Behavior & Social Emotional Learning

In this webinar we will explore how social emotional learning (SEL) can be successfully embedded within multi-tiered systems for behavior support. Helping students develop skills in the domains of; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships and decision-making not only improves the quality of life for individuals, but also builds a healthy school environment where all learners can thrive.

Exploring Behavior & Mental Health

In this webinar, we will explore how emotional, psychological and social well-being affect how students and staff think, feel and act. The integration of mental health considerations within behavioral support systems will be discussed along with ways school practitioners can work together to meet the mental health needs of all students.   Our guest expert …

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Exploring Behavior & Trauma Informed Practices

In this webinar we will explore how trauma informed practices integrate into a multi-tiered system for behavior support. Roland Toscano, superintendent from East Central ISD, will share about the EC Cares program, a unique district program that supports issues related to trauma for students and the community.

Exploring Behavior & Design Thinking

Emergent Tree will explore how the concepts of design thinking can aide educators in tackling the issues and barriers that arise when implementing behavior support systems in schools.

Exploring Behavior & Equity: How equity and anti-racist practice impact behavior in schools

Behavior is a broad concept that connects and relates to many important topics within education. Through conversations with guest experts, Emergent Tree Education will explore how behavior intersects with matters of equity, mental health, restorative justice, design thinking, social emotional learning, and trauma-informed practice.   The first event in our webinar series is “Exploring Behavior …

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Test Page

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Preparing for Online Learning: Strategies to Thrive in the Digital Classroom

Online learning can feel overwhelming. While you’ve got a good handle on management in your classroom, the digital environment is a whole different experience.  It can be hard to know where to start.  Great news! We’re here to help with research-based strategies to make it easy to structure and support your learners through distance learning. During …

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